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Ugh, the day after the end of a long weekend always feels terrible, doesn’t it?  I spent the long Labor Day weekend with my family in the mountains, hiking and eating and sipping on rosé.  Now I’ve got to recover with some thoughtful eating and my workout grind.

ClassPass and I have been together for a while now, so it’s a good time to give a little update.  I managed to locate most of my favorite studios during my two-week trial, but I have since branched out a little and tried a few more Atlanta studios that I really like!

VESTA Movement
Boxing!  I was expecting to be really intimidated by a boxing class, but VESTA is so good.  The workouts are hard, but the teachers are encouraging and you have your own bag, so you can take everything at your own pace.  I started with the introductory class (offered once a week) just to get the basics down — I would recommend that to all newbies.  Just a warning:  Your back will be a new kind of sore!

Pink Barre Virginia Highland
I really tried, but I’m just not a big fan of barre classes.  I can never really get the form right and I’m bad at pushing myself once the muscle fatigue hits me.  But, even with that negative attitude, I really enjoyed Pink Barre!  The studio and instructor were welcoming, and the whole atmosphere was just less stuffy than FlyBarre or Pure Barre have been.  I was not expecting the “choreographed” section in the middle of the class, where they string a bunch of exercises together, so here’s your heads-up about that.

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CorePower Yoga Midtown
For the most part, my ClassPass 10 is made up of HIIT, strength, and cardio classes.  It’s hard for me to justify using a credit for a yoga class when I can do yoga so easily at home.  But there really is nothing like a yoga class with a teacher who guides your through a flow and will help you make adjustments.  I started at CorePower Yoga with a free week and tried out three different classes.

Hot Power Fusion: 60 minutes in a hot room.  I’m used to 90-minute Bikram classes, so this was a nice change.  I really loved it and I’m not sure I have ever sweat so much.

C1:  This class is warm, not hot, but you will sweat all the same.  The flow was very similar to Hot Power Fusion’s, but the whole thing felt a bit more relaxed.  I felt so good afterward.

Yoga Sculpt:  This is, perhaps, the hardest class I’ve ever taken.  It’s warm and quick, with a focus on strength.  You have the option of using weights as you flow through the poses, which is way harder than it sounds.  Plus, there’s a cardio section right in the middle of the class, during which I thought I might tumble right over.  But it was great and different!


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