ROCKin’ Weekend

Sometimes, when a music festival invades your neighborhood and makes it almost unbearable to stay in town, the only thing to do is escape to a canyon.  So last Saturday, after a couple early morning stops for picnic supplies and breakfast, my sister, boyfriend, and I piled into the car and headed toward the Little Grand Canyon.

We called it an Adventure Day, and an adventure it was.  There are two trail options, a three-mile and a seven-mile.  We started with the three, but were disappointed with the views.    (After all, Instagram had shown us gorgeous in-canyon experiences!)  So we tried starting the seven.  Still disappointed.  And now hangry.  Then we decided to abandon the trails and instead follow the signage that was specifically for the canyons.  (Duh.  But, in our defense, we thought the trails would give us views from above and within the canyons.)

Let me tell you:  Half the time, I wasn’t really sure we were in the right place or headed in the right direction.  The signs, map, and directions given by the park ranger guy could all have been better.  But sometimes it worked out and looked like this:

Sometimes it didn’t work out and it got incredibly muddy, really rugged, and very creepy.  I don’t have pictures of that because I was trying not to fall face first into the dirt, but it looked an awful lot like the fire swamp in The Princess Bride.

But it was worth it!  We came away exhausted and a little sunburned (okay, that was only me), but also pretty impressed with this little canyon in the middle of nowhere.


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