Wear to Work

I’m currently in the middle of trying to reinvent my work wardrobe.  It’s been a struggle, partially because I would exist solely in sweatpants and t-shirts if it were socially acceptable to do so.  Stuffy work clothes (*cough* suits *cough*) are uncomfortable for me, so I’ve been working hard to pinpoint the look that fits my personality while staying office-appropriate.

I like work clothes that straddle the line between traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine style.  Nothing too colorful, but outfits should have a little bit of color play to them; I like a high-contrast look, but I also love something a bit more monochromatic.  I like a funkier shoe.  And I love layers (because offices are way too cold)!

Pinterest has been my best friend.  Now I just want to dress like all of these ladies …

[images, font]

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