Real Life

The Gilmore Girls Revival is coming!

Sometimes real life things happen and we don’t mention them on blogs.  That’s really a shame because, in hindsight, many of them are kind of funny and the ones that aren’t funny are “teachable moments”.  For example …

Last Friday, I got an email from my credit card company letting me know that a purchase made on my card exceeded my preset purchase cost limit.  Interesting, especially considering the fact that I was at work and definitely not out shopping.  I logged into my account to find thousands of dollars spent.  Excellent.  (I called the fraud line immediately, got the account closed, and all charges dismissed.  Woo!  But a little tip:  Set those purchase cost limits!  Because the fraudulent purchases were made in my area and at stores where I sometimes shop, they hadn’t yet been caught as unusual activity.  If I hadn’t received the limit email, I wouldn’t have known as quickly.)

One night last week, I was making guacamole (which turned out to be a terrible failure) and my extra avocado rolled off the counter and behind my fridge.  It took a whole team of us to rescue it.

I stopped in an art store the other day to grab some supplies.  I took a good fifteen minutes exploring my options and finally making a decision.  The cashier rang everything up before I realized that I didn’t have my wallet.  Oops!

Cheers to real life, ya’ll!


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