Wine Weekend

This past weekend, my family and I headed to the mountains again.  This time, we had less hiking and more wine in mind.  Fall is just starting to settle in, meaning the temperatures stay a little lower and the leaves are starting to turn.  It was lovely.

We took a tour of Yonah Mountain Vineyards.  (Tip:  We got our tickets with a Groupon deal.)  I attended a wine tasting when I was in Italy, but didn’t have the opportunity to learn about the vineyard itself or the wine-making process, so I was pumped for this.

Yonah Mountain Vineyards was pretty, though a little over the top, if you ask me.  There were lots of people there for the tour and even more just hanging out in and around the tasting room.  We got a look at the grounds, the cellar, and the wine cave, sipping on different wines along the way.  I liked their Genesis 7 best; their whites didn’t float my boat (surprising, since I’m usually a white wine kind of girl), but their reds were nice and light.

We rolled our wine tasting right into an at-home happy hour and rest.  The next day, we made a quick stop at Minnehaha Falls.  It’s a little out of the way, but very pretty!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing — I finished two books!  We got in some cozy naps.  And I exercised my ability to be complete fashion backwards.  Socks with Nike slides were my go-to.

Oh and we saw some bison.  They grunt like little piggies!  Did you know that!?


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