Currently – The October Edition

October is, hands down, my favorite month.  I love it!  And some how it’s always jam-packed with fun.  This month, I’ve done a little traveling, a lot of eating, a little exercising, and a lot of reading.  And there’s still more fun coming up!  October, you are good to me.

Lately I’m …

Wearing:  My sister and I are sharing this plaid sweater/cape.  We saw it in the store, put some coupons to work, and now I cannot get enough of it.  And I’m back to Essie’s Wicked on my nails for fall!

Eating:  I’ve loved on noosa yoghurt before and I’m going to do it again — their salted caramel flavor is on point.

Hearing:  I was front and center for the first stop of Nicolas Jaar‘s tour last weekend.  It was a very cool experience that included crazy lights and bass that I could feel all the way through my body.

Watching:  I have hopped on the Stranger Things train!  It’s so good.  Also, my sister and I look forward to Julia’s (of Lemon Stripes) Snapchat Q&A every week.

Completing:  The Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge.  More than anything, it’s nice to feel like I’ve got a workout routine again.  My sister is completing the challenge with me (you can find our joint sometimes-TIU Instagram here) and we think it’s been a great reminder that we can make the time to get a workout in everyday and that a little bit is better than nothing at all.

Trying:  Watercolor painting.  Just because.

What have you been digging lately?


3 thoughts on “Currently – The October Edition”

  1. So good to hear that your TIU has gone well. I did look at it as something to consider/mix it up in my exercise quest (Day 600 is later this month) just wasn’t able to swing the $$$ but it looked like it would work and kick your butt too. Congrats! BTW… Love the cartoon and Oct too. Always enjoy reading your posts and was really surprised when I saw the Lemon Stripes. I’ve been following her for a couple of years now. Are you guys friends? – TAF


    1. I follow Tone It Up online and do their free workouts from YouTube! I can’t quite justify the cost either. 🙂

      I don’t know Julia/Lemon Stripes, but I do get a kick out of her Snaps. And I love her blog because she sounds like she’s got her act together!


      1. OOOOH A FREE VERSION. Now you’re speaking my language. Thanks for the TIP!!!
        I know right – she has great style, especially the clothing/outfits. She lives in NE too which I’ve liked. I found her through a blogging group I belong to in Boston.


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