Easy Ways to Minimize Waste Around the House

my baby green onions are re-sprouting like champs. #zerowaste #containergarden

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In high school, in order to fulfill a community/action/service project, my family and I started to compost our kitchen waste in our backyard.  We grew an organic vegetable garden over the summer and even got some other family members to start composting!  In college, I lived on campus where I walked everywhere, explored different recycling and sustainability groups on campus, and took a couple philosophy classes that touched on accepted culture and waste today.  Now, a few years removed from being able to attribute my waste to all kinds of living conditions that used to be out of my control, I’m started to get acquainted with my junk.

I’m in the process of minimizing my waste and what it really boils down to is making many small changes.  Here are just a few easy ways you can address your waste at home:

Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere you go.  I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere without a bottle of water in my bag.  Having a water bottle on hand helps me remember stay hydrated

Always have a canvas tote with you.  You never know when you’ll need the help of a bag!  Sometimes I’ll stop by the grocery store on my walk home and it’s so nice to know I have a bag at the ready!  (I keep a bunch of totes in my car for planned shopping trips too.)

Plan your meals and keep a running inventory of your pantry.  Knowing what you’ve got in your kitchen, and what you’ll be eating in the near future, can help keep you from buying food you don’t need and might eventually waste.

Compost (if you can)!  I remember being amazed at how much usable waste our kitchen generated when I was in high school.  Some fruit here, a salad there, some roasted veggies — it really adds up!

Use left-behind glasses of water to care for plants.  I often find an abandoned glass half-full of water in my kitchen the next morning and I try never to just pour it down the drain.  Instead, I share it with my porch plants!

How are you waste-conscious at home?


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