Coming Up in November

Welcome to November!  As far as I’m concerned, we are now officially in the “holiday season”.

Halloweekend was a bunch of fun.  I had a friend in town, so we made a stop by a haunted house after a workout and a pizza dip binge.  My family and I celebrated our school’s homecoming game with our tradition of attending the parade bright and early and then heading to a nearby diner to eat (way too much) breakfast together.  I dragged myself out for a run for the first time in forever.  And I managed to squeeze in a good nap one afternoon.

So now, with Halloween under my belt, I can focus on cozy foods, family time, and crafting my perfect Christmas playlist (I’ll share, don’t worry).

Later this week, my boyfriend and I are going to see Vertigo in a theater; I’ve actually never seen it before, so I’m excited.  I’m planning (maybe “hoping” is more accurate) to give my apartment a good, deep clean this month, including a pantry clean-out and a closet purge.  Later this month, I’ll be visiting San Francisco.  My first time on the West Coast — it’s a big deal for a lifelong East Coast-er like me.  Of course, I’ve been devouring list after list of San Francisco must-do’s, but I’d love more suggestions so send them my way!  And I’ve started crafting my 2017 list of 52 Things in 52 Weeks, which has me super-excited for next year already.

What on your November to-do list?


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