The Two Best Things I’ve Done for Me Lately

I’ve been feeling a little all over the place lately (or maybe always).  It feels like I’ve got too many things in too many places, too many to-do’s that never get done, and way too little time to breathe.  So I’ve been trying to simplify things wherever I can.

First, I bought a pill box.  I have a few pills and supplements that I take everyday and, while it’s really not that big of a deal to open up a few bottles, it started to feel like such a pain.  It slowed me down, it felt tedious, it was just ugh.  So I went out and bought a basic 7-day pill box and it’s just the best.  I can’t even explain how or why it’s been such a big deal, but trust me.  It helps.

Second, I’ve finally got a system for my lists and calendars.  I try to keep track of everything so that I don’t forget something important like a must-buy or a birthday.  Here’s how I do it:

  • I keep my Google Calendar up to date and keep my running shopping lists on Google Keep.  This way they’re accessible anywhere (on my phone, computer, etc.) and I can add new dates/items in the moment.
  • A little while back, I bought a sugar paper planner that has monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and categorized to-do lists all in one.  I update these lists on Sunday nights/Monday mornings, so I know what’s coming in the week ahead.
  • Each day I list my must-do items for that day in their own to-do list.  This list is more granular than the week’s list that I keep in my planner; the granularity of the tasks keeps me motivated.

Any other simplifying tips?


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