(Another) 52 Things in 52 Weeks

In other words, 52 things in a year.  Sound familiar?  Probably because I did the same thing to kick off the new year in 2015.

I’ve included my list below and will be sharing updates as I go.  My list will be updated on my 2017 “52 Things in 52 Weeks” page. And you should let me know if you’re doing anything similar this year — I’d love to follow along!


  1. Get a massage.
  2. Take an aromatherapy bath.
  3. Unplug completely for 24 hours.
  4. Practice daily yoga for a month.
  5. Run a sub-30 5K.
  6. Run a sub-hour 10K.
  7. Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night for a week.
  8. Try a month of Meatless Mondays.
  9. Eat VB6 for a week.
  10. Move my weekday waking time to 6 AM.
  11. Stop pressing “snooze”.
  12. Keep a gratitude journal for a month.
  13. Develop a meditation practice.
  14. Complete the Tone It Up Bikini Series.
  15. Floss daily.


  1. Throw a dinner party.
  2. Host a brunch.
  3. Visit five new cities.
  4. Cook my way through a cookbook (Julie and Julia-style).
  5. Take a trip with my sister.
  6. Take a trip with my immediate family.
  7. Take a trip with my boyfriend.
  8. Create a “best of” city guide for Atlanta.
  9. Create a few playlists (for wake-up, yoga, and dinner prep).
  10. Bake something from scratch just because.
  11. Have a guest post on the blog.
  12. Finish watching all of the movies in Dad’s “must see” box.
  13. Fill a sketchbook with original work.
  14. Frame and display a piece of my own art.
  15. Read 52 books.
  16. Watch 10 documentaries.


  1. Complete Duolingo’s Italian lessons.
  2. Master a headstand.
  3. Take an art class.
  4. Take a cooking class.
  5. Try ten new foods.
  6. Buy something fresh at the local farmer’s market.
  7. Try a CSA.
  8. Learn how to use chopsticks.
  9. Complete a month without shopping.
  10. Complete a month without eating out.
  11. Make three new friends.
  12. Grow some of my food at home.


  1. Perform a full-apartment clean-up/reorganization.
  2. Update digital security (passwords, accounts).
  3. Back up everything (computer/phone/etc.).
  4. Update professional portfolio, head shot, etc.
  5. Deep clean my apartment once a month.
  6. Put together a go-to recipe book.
  7. Frame my nerdy sloth print.
  8. Reorganize personal filing system.
  9. Create a habit of putting away clothes and shoes ASAP.

Let’s do this!


10 thoughts on “(Another) 52 Things in 52 Weeks”

  1. So interesting that you posted this, as I’d come across your original one the other day and am finalizing my list as I write this. You have some good ideas here and actually I was inspired after reading your list to watch some documentaries over the holiday weekend. Couldn’t find Ballerina, but found another ballet inspired one.

    I may share my list w/ you for accountability! Thanks once again for the inspiration.


      1. So I completed it and have even started tackling it… (Guess I should be with week 1 of 52 down. but… need to find a way to share as this isn’t quite something I’d post in my appreciation blog. May see if WP has a password protected post view and will share that with you and a few others.

        Thanks for helping with this. 🙂


      2. It does not look like I’m able to post yet w/out doing so publicly. Have a inquiry out to WP but… may have to send. Do you have an email you are comfortable sharing? I didn’t see one listed on the blog. I’m still looking for the hidden post tho’ in the interim.


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