Happy Belly – Part 5

I’ve been eating all kinds of good stuff recently.  Ask anyone and they’ll tell you tales of my incredibly picky eating, but I’m working on it and have been exploring new foods, mostly with success!

My parents took my sister and me to a local Ethiopian restaurant while we were all home for the holidays.  I was super-intimidated by the menu, but I shouldn’t have been worried.  Everything was delicious!

My dad won some homemade crepes in an office baked goods auction right before Christmas.  We enjoyed them on Christmas morning with a homemade salted butter caramel sauce and fruit.  Then we got brave, asked for the recipe (my dad’s coworker is French, so it was legit), and successfully made our own!

For Christmas each year, each member of my family actually buys himself/herself a present.  This year I got myself a spiralizer!  I’m hoping it will help me incorporate more vegetables into my diet.  For my first go, I had zoodles with a tomato and leek sauce — it was a success!  (I read all kinds of reviews and settled on this spiralizer.  So far it’s been great.)

A while back, my sister and I threw together a shredded Brussels sprouts salad — just sprouts, romaine, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and a dijon-apple cider vinegar dressing.  Mmmmmm!

And last weekend, my boyfriend and I stopped by Taproom Coffee & Beer.  I had their chai latte, which was perfectly spicy and delicious!

You can find more of what’s made my belly happy here.


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