It’s over!  I swear, this Whole15 felt ten times longer than my first Whole30, but I survived.  This time I was lucky to have my sister as a partner for whining and missing cheese/chocolate/etc., which helped a lot.

For the most part, we stuck to the plan, eliminating sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, and processed foods.  Here and there we ran into some issues, with work lunches and limited options, but I’m giving us credit.

My intention with this Whole15 was to reset for the new year and to remind myself of what I learned during my Whole30:  I feel better when I eat complete meals, when I eliminate gluten, and when I’m dairy-free.  I did a pretty bad job of incorporating those lessons into my eating habits after my Whole30, but I am committed to doing a better job this time.

Additional lessons learned this time around:

Sweet potatoes are so good.  I’ve always been pretty stuck in the white potato court, but this Whole15 saw lots of sweet potato experiments (baked wedges, “buns”, etc.) and I am sold!

Keeping apples around is a really good idea.  From a tart snack to a “dessert”, apples can help curb my cravings in a way that other fruit doesn’t.

It’s going to get boring; don’t be afraid to get creative to make it through.  It’s easy for meals to start looking like potatoes and eggs all day, everyday.  This time around I tried to channel that meal boredom into some fun new ideas (like the aforementioned sweet potato “buns”).


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