Tip Tuesday – Freezer Inventory

from Domino

My freezer is always full.  I suppose that’s an unavoidable side effect of cooking for one person using recipes that make enough food for eight people and shopping for the best deal (which usually tends to be more food than I need right away).  I love leftovers, but not when it takes a whole week to use them up.  So into the freezer things go!

When you’re constantly stocking your freezer, it’s not hard to forget what’s in there.  To make my life easier and to make sure nothing goes to waste, I swear by keeping a freezer inventory.  That sounds fancy, but it’s really just a rolling list of items.

I categorize mine like this:

  • Ready-to-eat (This is stuff like leftovers, emergency Stouffer’s dinners, etc.)
  • Breads (Because why is it that the tastiest loaves are also the giant ones that I can’t finish before they start to mold?)
  • Fruits and Veggies (I recently started keeping mixed frozen fruits around for snacking and smoothies.  I also keep frozen hash browns stocked, along with corn, edamame, etc.)
  • Meats (I repackage meat into single-serving portions before freezing — a little something I learned from my mom.  It makes it so easy to meal prep and keeps those giant packages of chicken tenderloins from going bad before I get to them all.)

With a list like this, I always know what I’ve got to work with when I’m making my grocery plans or when I’m too tired to make dinner.


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