Artsy Weekend

We’ve been pretty ~!* artsy *!~ around here lately.

A couple weeks ago, on Friday night, my family went to another concert together.  We saw Lambchop at Terminal West.  It was a pretty mellow show — very intimate, which I enjoyed.

On Sunday, my sister and I took advantage of the free Second Sunday deal at the High Museum of Atlanta to see the Cross Country:  The Power of Place in American Art, 1915–1950 exhibit.  The exhibit will be leaving the museum soon (May 7th is its last day), but it’s definitely worth visiting.  The whole thing was pretty cool to see — Dorothea Lange’s iconic Migrant Mother is included!

We also stopped to take in Daniel Arsham’s Hourglass exhibit.  Even with the description of the exhibit plastered on the wall, it’s still over my head.  But it’s nifty-looking.  If you’re looking to be wowed and confused, check it out by May 21.

The day was gorgeous, so my sister and I decided to take in some neighborhood architecture.  It’s crazy to me that these houses sit right off of one of the busiest roads around town.

Oh I’d love to get my hands on this little cottage …

Since this little adventure, it’s been go-go-go around here.  I’ve been busy celebrating family birthdays, learning more and more at work (did I mention that I started a new job in January?), trying to read more, getting in the habit of meal planning on prepping on Sundays, etc.  So I apologize for the period of blog silence!


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