A Weekend at Home

A double-whammy post day — a plea for Charleston recommendations doesn’t really count, does it?  So here’s a peek at my weekend at home.

That lump in the bed up there?  That’s one of our cats.  He likes to tunnel right up under the covers and camp out there.  In addition to completely covered naps, my sweet baby boy has a thing for shoes.  He likes to rub his little face all over the edges, making sure to scratch his cheeks.  Every now and then I happen upon him with his foot inside one of the shoes!  It just tickles me so much.

We are working hard to perfect our crepe-making abilities.  Any tips for flipping?  We’ve been performing some really sloppy half-flips, rearranging by hand, etc.  They taste good, regardless.  We topped ours with caramel sauce, Nutella, and fruit.

Our precious baby girl likes to switch up her napping spot throughout the day; she seems to follow the patches of sunlight.  I love when she curls up in a tiny, little ball!

Saturday night we started jamming to this playlist.  So much fun.


It was a calm, easy weekend.  Here are few more shots of my baby boy all wrapped up, my sister assembling her new vacuum (with wine, of course), and our blooming gardenias in our back window.

Now only a few more days until the next weekend.  We can make it!


3 thoughts on “A Weekend at Home”

  1. Wow… Thought you’d lived in an apt… but window view looks like a home… jealous as I’d love a place to plant/garden. Your cat is so cute and reminds me of my grandmothers – Kitty (aka Othello – which didn’t stick much to my Uncle’s dismay). Same curl up – but none of that TOO CUTE burrowing.
    I looked for a great post about Charleston I’d read, but the blogger quit blogging so the links are gone. Still looks like you have lots of info to go with.

    Congrats on your new job. I hope it’s going well and it’s nice to see you posting more. I’ve missed them.


    1. I actually do live in an apartment — that backyard belongs to my parents. But I’ve been growing little plants on my apartment’s balcony and it’s so nice. I have a friend who grows tomatoes on hers and another who has a little window-side herb garden inside her apartment.

      Thanks for trying to track down some recommendations! And for the congrats. 🙂

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      1. Oh… I was thinking I may just have to move to ATL to get sweet spaces.
        Lucky you for balcony.. I’m just re-trying to grow some plants in a window (inside). While I always thought I had a green thumb, somehow it went black ha ha… Enjoy your trip! Can’t wait to see the post on it!


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