Rebecca came to town!

One of my best friends, Rebecca, come to visit this past weekend.  We were random roommates freshman year of college; we were lucky enough to hit it off and stick together all the way through school and beyond.  Rebecca no longer lives close by, but she came to town to visit, do a little wedding dress shopping, and make doughnuts!

We spent most of Friday exploring wedding dress options.  It was my first time in a bridal boutique and my first time seeing someone I know in a wedding dress, so it was really special and exciting.  Look at me making the bride’s moment all about me … oops!

In between shops, we stopped for brunch at Sun In My Belly.  I ordered my go-to there, which is the Kirkwood Breakfast.  I just love their lavender biscuits!  Plus, it’s adorable.

It sounds silly, but it’s amazing how many kinds of beading, lace, satin, tulle, etc. can be used to make a wedding dress.  I knew there would be options, but I had no idea how many!  Rebecca was a real trouper and tried on lots of dresses in different styles, shapes, and fabrics.  She looked beautiful in them all!

Oh, just a little tip:  It seems that a weekday (or Friday, at least) is a great time to shop.  We were practically the only gown shoppers!  I have a feeling that made our experience way more enjoyable.

Later that night, we met up with my boyfriend for burgers and fries.  And then we met up with a friend of mine from high school (and a couple friends of hers!) for drinks and chit-chat.  It was probably the most social I’ve been in months.

Saturday morning, my sister and I brought Rebecca along for our traditional park walk with iced coffees.  We made a stop at the dog park and got a little love.  Then I had to head up to the mountains for a family get-together.

On Sunday, we made lemon doughnuts (and a few tiny muffins with the extra batter)!  I found a “turn any cake mix into a doughnut” recipe, but I wasn’t too impressed.  The doughnuts were definitely yummy, but they were too moist and didn’t hold up well throughout the decorating (and eating) process.  At least they were cute!

After another park walk, we settled in at the pool for a little while before Rebecca had to head to the airport.  It was my first trip to a pool in a year or two, and it was so nice.  We lucked into a not-too-hot day and I only got sunburned in a couple of places (instead of all over my body)!

After dinner, a few hugs, and a couple “move back to Atlanta” pleas, Rebecca was on her way home.  But it was such a fun weekend!


3 thoughts on “Rebecca came to town!”

  1. […] mom and sister, one to Mexico with my boyfriend, and one to Nashville with my parents and sister.  One of my best friends came to visit and we found her wedding dress!  My sister, our friend Anna, and I started a book club.  My mom, sister, and I did goat yoga.  […]


  2. […] My friend Rebecca and her husband-to-be came to town to ring in the New Year!  We did a few tourist-y Atlanta things, like the SkyView Atlanta ferris wheel.  We also stopped at the top of Ponce City Market in 9 Mile Station for charcuterie and drinks (a little expensive, but very fun).  It was too chilly to sit outside, but we got to take in the city as the sun went down and the lights came on — it was very pretty! […]

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