Quick Snaps from Charleston

Hi!  Hope you all had a nice long last weekend and are enjoying this short week.  We’re already so close to Friday.

I mentioned a while ago that my mom, my sister, and I were planning a girls getaway to Charleston.  So that’s what we were up to last weekend — wandering around, peeking into people’s gorgeous gardens, and taking way too many photos.

I’m working on a complete recap of the trip, which will be up on Tuesday.  For now, here are a few teasers from the trip!

yes, that’s a tree in a bathtub!
i can’t get over plant-covered walls.
ask my mom and my sister: if there was a pink house nearby, i would find it.
twisty tree canopies are the best.
again with the plant-covered walls!
this pink bike with baby blue shutters was just too good.
rainbow row
so pretty! i love this color combination.
i was sneaking peeks at people’s backyards all weekend long.
love those big happy ferns.
these extra (fake) front doors were all over the place.
the hydrangeas were bustin’ out all over!

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