A Sunday at the Farmers Market

Atlanta has quite a few farmers markets — once market season starts (usually around March/April) you can pretty much find one in every neighborhood.  If you’ve been around here for a while, you know my family and I love a good farmers market.  I don’t do a lot of shopping at local markets, but I do love to window shop.  There is nothing like a wildflower bouquet, artisan bread, or a giant newly harvested zucchini.

After we returned from our family beach trip, my sister and I stayed home to celebrate Father’s Day.  It was dreary day, but it stopped raining just long enough for us to go on an adventure to the Grant Park Farmers Market.  The market was smaller than it was during my first visit (I blame the rain!), but it was less crowded too.  Here’s a little peek:

Look at all that basil! This stand had the most beautiful selection of greens and root vegetables.
These were too big to be green onions and too small to be leeks, so I’m not totally sure what they are. But I bet they are yummmmmy!
Knowing that I can get myself a gorgeous $5 bouquet at Trader Joe’s, I have a hard time spending $15 on bouquets at a farmers market. That doesn’t stop me from being totally taken with them anyway.
I loooooove cherry tomatoes, especially when they come in all kinds of colors. We bought a few of these and they’ve been delicious and fun to use.
We parked on a side street, right across from this little house. Isn’t it cute!? There was a family gathering happening on the front porch, which was so nice to see. But what I really love is the lush, overflowing front garden.

Gorgeous, right?  Farmers markets are just the best for a calm, weekend morning outing.  And the people watching is great!


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