Real Life

Hope you all had a happy Fourth of July!  It totally crept up on me this year.  We celebrated with a weekend at home and a Whole30-compliant cookout (thanks Mom!), which was just perfect.   Now let’s get down to business.

So sometimes real life things happen and we don’t mention them on blogs.  That’s really a shame because, in hindsight, most of them are actually kind of funny.  For example …

The influx of fruits and vegetables in my house, due to my Whole30, has resulted in the very annoying appearance of fruit flies.  They are everywhere and they are the worst.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve left out a little bowl of apple cider vinegar + a few drops of dish soap — the flies are attracted to the vinegar but trapped by the soap — and you would be amazed at how many flies I’ve caught.  So gross.

In addition to the flies, my apartment has been smelly for over a week.  Like really intense roasted Brussels sprouts, but I haven’t roasted Brussels sprouts.  Every day the smell got worse and worse. I looked everywhere for the cause and couldn’t find it.  Finally, yesterday after a day of pantry deep diving, I found the source.  A chicken breast (bagged and from the freezer) on top of my refrigerator.  Yeahhhhh so that’s good; I’m really succeeding with my housework over here.

My birthday is in March.  Just this past weekend, I finally was able to go birthday shopping with my (very, very patient) grandmother.  It just took three and a half months to make it happen!

A tiny little spider has decided to make its home between my little porch boxwood and my giant basil plant.  The thing is smaller than my thumbnail, but I’m now too afraid to pinch any basil for my cooking.

Cheers to real life, ya’ll!


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