Personal Mid-Year Review

from Inside Out

There are plenty of things that I could do without that are a part of corporate job life, but I happen to be a fan of the mid-year review.

I like the idea of starting each year with a fresh set of goals, at work and personally.  But the thing is this:  a year is a long time.  Goals that are a good idea at the beginning of the year might not be relevant at the end, or even earlier!  So it’s a good practice to check in and make sure that the things you’re working toward are still the things you should be working toward.

Enter:  my list of 52 things to do in 2017.  While I stand by most of my list and I am making progress, there are a few things that I feel like revising.

14.  Complete the Tone It Up Bikini Series.

My intention with this goal was to encourage myself to settle into a steady workout schedule that allows me to stay sane while prioritizing physical activity.  My sister and I started this year’s Bikini Series, but got bored quickly — that’s often the case with me and workout programs.  (Remember the times I tried BBG over and over again?)  But the reality is that I’ve got a pretty reliable schedule of classes that I attend with ClassPass.  I’m still training myself to work out on my own with more regularity, but I’ve decided that Tone It Up works best for me when I  revisit it every now and then.  That’s the new plan!

19.  Cook my way through a cookbook (Julie and Julia-style).

I love to cook.  Even the tedious things like chopping and stirring non-stop are relaxing to me.  But when my schedule gets busy, I forget that I find it relaxing, I stop cooking, and I make salads for pretty much every meal.  In an effort to minimize my salad habit, I set this goal.  But here’s what I know now:  Committing to an entire cookbook is too much pressure for me.  Instead, I will make a new recipe each month.  Easy and a little adventurous, without my having to worry about making octopus salad or something just because it’s the next recipe in the book!

30.  Read 52 books.

Reading 52 books in a year is hefty goal (at least for me).  When I added it to my previous list of yearly goals, it was a challenge that was super-motivating.  I was coming out of a period of pretty much zero reading; after I got out of school, books were not a relaxing way to spend my time.  But now that I read more regularly, trying to get through so many books is more stressful than motivational.

I will continue to read on my own, aiming for at least one new book a month.  Plus, my sister, our friend (and my loyal blog reader) Anna (hi Anna!), and I have started a little book club to keep us reading and to keep us in touch.  So I might not hit 52 books, but I will be well read by the end of the year!

42.  Make three new friends.

I am not a very social person; I like my circle small, intimate, and low pressure.  It’s hard for me to meet and connect with new people, and it’s no secret that making friends as an adult is tricky!  So for the past few years, I have attempted to intentionally build new friendships.  What I have failed to consider is the fact that I already have relationships that need my attention.  There may not be a ton of them, but I’ve got friendships to cultivate.  So instead of focusing on making new friends, I’m going to focus on the ones I’ve got.

Here we go, second half of 2017!  Let’s do this.


4 thoughts on “Personal Mid-Year Review”

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