Quick Snaps from Mexico

I’m back from Mexico!  My boyfriend and I took a week and headed off to Cancún.  We stayed right on the beach, went on a handful of adventures, and hung out with each other non-stop.  All the details (and photos that aren’t from my phone) are coming in a post next week, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at our trip.

Before this trip, I had never seen water so clear and so blue — I just kept staring at it.

I woke up every morning to that view.  Gotta love a waterfront room!

I love infinity pools.  If you’re going to have a giant glorified bowl of water sitting around, you might as well make it fit in with its surroundings.  We sat next to this one for a sunset dinner and it was so pretty. 

It was so hot on the beach.  Umbrellas were a must so I could stay outside and stare at that water some more.

It was only an hour’s time difference between home and Cancún, but even that had me waking up before almost anyone else at the resort got out and about.  The soft, pastel sunrises were so peaceful.

More infinity pool love here.  We happened upon this nice, shallow, shaded spot and hung out for a while after roasting in the sun.

I spent most of the week in some kind of swimwear, but we made sure to schedule some fancy time on Thursday and Friday.  We “dressed for dinner”, which was a fun change of pace.

Blue on blue on blue!

It feels so, so good to be home and settling back into my routine, but it was such a fun trip.  Can’t wait to share more!


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