Currently – The April Edition

“House Tour: Historic Beauty in Mill “from Design Chic

Oooooh y’all, allergy season has hit me hard.  I was overjoyed to see things start to bloom, but I immediately started to feel bad.  As a result, it seems like I’ve been dealing with a heavy dose of that allergy-induced mental fog for April so far.  But it seems like we might be close to finished with the major pollen — fingers crossed!

Lately I’m …

Eating:  Lots of chopped salads!  After Brittany, of Eating Bird Food, shared her love of this chopped salad bowl, my sister ordered one.  She and I made a few chopped salads together, and then I decided that I needed one too!  I was really skeptical, but there really is something different about a completely chopped salad.  Everything is uniform, the dressing is really distributed, there is a lightness to every bite — I love it.

Watching:  Schitt’s Creek.  I was late to the party, but I am here now!  The show is easy to watch, the episodes are short, and the entire cast is great.

Hearing:  I have been feeeeeeeeling Sam Cooke lately.  His music feels like a warm weekend morning to me.  I’ve had Spotify’s “This is Sam Cooke” playlist on repeat

Reading:  This post on Wit & Delight about ways to clean your “emotional house” spoke to me.  Also, after mentioning that I was approximately 3 billionth in line at the library for Michelle Obama’s Becoming, my boss’s boss loaned me her copy!  I’m just getting started, but I am excited to not have to wait.

Envying:  This beautiful screened porch! Completely unrealistic, if you ask me, but gorgeous all the same.

What are you loving lately?


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