Currently – The May Edition

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Happy May!  I’ve been on the go nonstop this month and it’s just going to stay that way — my family and I started the month with a trip to a mountain vineyard, I finally went birthday shopping with my grandma, I celebrated Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday last weekend, and next weekend I’m off to a friend’s wedding!  It’s been all kinds of good, but I am tired.  Until things slow down, I’m trying to take my to-do lists one item at a time and to get enough sleep.

Lately I’m …

Reading:  Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? by Alyssa Mastromonaco is our current book club selection.  Is it a masterpiece of writing?  No.  But Alyssa is likable and real, which I dig.

Practicing:  Lately I’ve been setting weekly goals/intentions.  I’m trying to make it a centering part of my Sunday, hopefully to minimize those Sunday Scaries!  I keep it pretty basic.  For example, the one I’m really killing this week is my goal of drinking at least 8 cups of water everyday.

Wearing:  I’ve been wearing these Madewell Easy Crop Tees nonstop.  I got mine during a sale and ordered every color.  I’m short, and short-waisted according to a seamstress recently, so the cropped fit works really well for me.

Eating:  Capers on everything!  I’ve been throwing them in salads, having them with my scrambled eggs, and just last night I topped my plate of corned beef and potatoes with a tablespoon or so.  Mmmmmmm!  If you are a lover of all things pickled, do it.  And I think this new Skinnytaste chicken salad recipe looks like a good idea.

What are you loving lately?


Life Lately

It’s been a little quiet around here lately … oops!  Someday I’ll get ahead on real content and have things scheduled in advance so there aren’t weird, unexpected blog lulls.  Someday.  For now, a mini-peek at my everyday life will have to do.

1 / We’ve only done it a couple times, but pre-work coffee walks with my sister are such a nice way to start the day.  Most of our weekday mornings start with a workout class, but we’ve had a lighter class load recently, so we decided to stroll one morning instead.

2 / A couple weekends ago, my family got together for lunch at Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery.  The view from the restaurant was so beautiful — I love being nestled into the mountains.

3 + 4 / Trader Joe’s has been killing it in the spring flowers department.

1 + 2 / I could do without the sudden 90° weather and all the rain, but I am loving the summery sunsets we’ve been having.

3 / My sister wasn’t feeling 100% and it was amazing to see our sweet baby kitties spring into action with cuddles and kisses.  I swear, they immediately glued themselves to her side.

4 / I just think she and her one white whisker are too cute.

Onward into the week we go!  There is a post for Thursday, I promise.

5 Under $50

from The Everygirl, relevant only because it’s pretty and there are lots of things

I am a little late to the <em>press Link Up party, but a good idea is a good idea so I’m throwing it back to the March link up topic:  five things that keep me afloat and cost less than $50!  Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I am all about function and ~!* value add *!~, so you can trust me when I say that these things are must-haves.

KAVU Rope Sling Backpack

Some time during college (maybe even high school, it was so long ago), my aunt and uncle gifted me a cross-body KAVU.  I was new to the brand, but instantly fell in love with the sheer number of pockets in that tiny purse and the really durable material.  The bag accompanied me all over the place, including all the stops I made while studying abroad.  It went to Europe with my sister when she studied abroad too!  It was the best, but after traveling the world and way too many trips to the grocery store, the bag ripped and had to be retired.

When I moved back to the middle of Atlanta, I was walking more often than driving and I wanted a bag that didn’t make my back and shoulders ache, and that kept my hands free.  I settled on the KAVU sling backpack and it is one of the best things I’ve ever bought for myself.  (I got mine for less than $50 on Amazon.)  It holds an unbelievable amount of stuff without being uncomfortable and mine is still in great shape after plenty of use (on errands, hikes, and big trips).

Takeya Actives Collection Insulated Water Bottle

I received this water bottle as a holiday gift from my boss and I’m a big fan!  For some reason I am much better about my water intake when I’m sipping from a bottle instead of a glass.  This one does a pretty good job of keeping water chilled for extended periods of time  And the 24-oz bottle is the largest size that fits in a standard car cup holder, which means it’s also a great size to take to workout classes because it’ll fit in standard bike/elliptical/treadmill cup holders too!

The only thing I don’t really like is the “hand wash only” recommendation, but the bottle is not really a big pain to wash and it dries completely if you stand it upside down overnight.  And the lid/mouthpiece is dishwasher safe!

Eyebrow Brush

Whether I’m putting on any make-up or not, I always brush my eyebrows up and out.  It makes such a big difference — I instantly look a little bit more put together.  If you want to get a real eyebrow-specific brush, you do you.  I got a small pack of disposable mascara wands, like these, from T.J. Maxx and they do the trick for me.

A Robe

I’m an air dryer.  Once I’m out of the shower, I cover myself from head to toe in moisturizer, so the last thing I want to do is put on real clothes right away.  I need a minute, you know?  But hanging around in a towel is not ideal, so I decided that I needed a robe.

I was gifted the perfect, simple, knee-length robe a Christmas or two ago.  This robe isn’t the exact one I have, but they’re very similar.  Having a robe around has been a real game-changer for me — it’s so convenient!  Plus it feels very glamorous to walk around in a robe, with a face mask on, sipping a glass of wine during my self-care evenings.

Facial Spray

I use my Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray all the time.  I spritz before my 6 AM workouts.  I spritz as part of my bedtime skincare routine.  I even packed the spray for my trip to Charleston with my mom and sister; we carried it around with us (in my KAVU!) and spritzed occasionally when the 90-degree weather started to get to us.  (That was a really good move and I recommend it to everyone.)  I don’t believe it does much beyond make you feel nice, but I love it — sometimes the best things just make you feel nice.  I’m partial to the light rose scent of my facial spray, but you should get your hands on whatever facial spray floats your boat!

What’s on your list of 5 under $50?

Revisiting GSD

Condo Tour: Traditional Meets Contemporary from Style At Home

A while back, I shared a Tip Tuesday post all about getting shit done.  I’ve talked to several people recently who are struggling to keep everything straight on a daily basis, so I think the topic is worth discussing again.  I could clearly use a refresher too, since this post was supposed to go live almost a month ago — lately I’ve been feeling like I’m getting just enough done to keep moving, instead of enough to ever get ahead.

Keep in mind:  I do these things to make sure that the everyday stuff doesn’t fall through the cracks.  I have completely separate systems for managing big(ger) deal things like passwords, emails, important paperwork, and finances.  On the daily, this works for me.

Let’s start with Google Calendar …

I stuck with my paper planners for a long time and they served me well when I was just managing a school schedule.  But the second I had more to worry about than what test was when, I felt like I needed a tool that allowed me to more easily keep track of the schedules that were happening in different parts of my life, but that were running in parallel.  (Since, you know, personal commitments don’t stop just because you’ve got a packed work schedule that week.)

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Bachelorette-ing in Charleston

Almost immediately after arriving home from Vegas a few weeks ago (literally a sub-12-hour turnaround), I headed to Charleston for my friend, and bride-to-be, Rebecca’s bachelorette weekend.  Everybody flew into Atlanta, we brunched, and then we piled into my car and hit the road.

After a few weeks of the weather looking iffy, we lucked into a weekend that was warm but not too hot, with no rain and not too much humidity.  Everything was blooming, but the pollen wasn’t too bad.  I count us so lucky!


We arrived and immediately went searching for dinner.  On our drive into town, we passed Luke’s Craft Pizza, which is a carry out-only pizza shop.  Pizza sounded like exactly what we wanted, so we walked over from our Airbnb.  We got two pizzas:  one with crushed tomatoes and house-made fennel sausage, the other with crushed tomatoes, speck, and spicy honey.  Both were yummy!  (And we walked in, ordered, and walked out with our freshly-baked pizzas in 10 minutes.)

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