Currently – The November Edition

Hamptons Pie Workshop from Apt. 2B Baking Co.

One week until Thanksgiving — can you believe it!?  I don’t feel ready, but I just love the easy downhill slide to the end of the year that comes with the holidays.  I love how everything lights up and gets festive, but slows down at the same time.

Lately I’m …

Eating:  I’m a bit skeptical, but my boyfriend wants to try the Beyond Burger.  We found it at our local Whole Foods, so it’s on the menu for this week!  Anyone tried it?

Reading:  I really liked this tour of @joythebaker’s home.  It’s not all my style, but it feels so authentic and in line with her personality.  (That’s a silly thing to say because I’m just an Instagram follower, but I love following Joy on Instagram — regularly she makes something delicious on her Instagram Story, with a little bit of chit-chat and always set to a throwback soundtrack.  Check that out, then look at the home tour, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Hearing:  I am already listening to Christmas music and there is no shame in my game.  I’m making updates to my Christmas playlist and I’m putting together a list of the playlists you need for this holiday season.  I’ll share soon!

Organizing:  Everything.  I moved last weekend so there are boxes everywhere, annual benefits enrollment just wrapped up and that’s always a bit over my head, Christmas gifts must be planned and bought — ahhhhhhhh!  A few of these tips are helping me stay on top of everything.

What are you loving lately?


We did goat yoga!

I disappeared for a couple weeks — oops!  I just couldn’t get over my flu-y cold thing, then work got crazy, and then life in general got crazy.  But I’m back with something super-fun today to make up for all of that:  GOAT YOGA, with lots of pictures and a few things I think you should know before you go.

I had no idea that goat yoga was a thing until my mom and sister discovered it and immediately put it on our bucket list.  We waited months for class spots to open up near us and, a couple weekends ago, we did it!

We chose a local place that provides goat yoga, goat rental services for yard clearing, and goat adoptions.  The owners had a herd of about seven goats (three babies!), plus a burro, and a couple cats.  And I’ll be honest:  it was rustic.  We walked straight into the backyard and picked a spot on the ground, with pine cones, leaves, and goat droppings.  When it started to rain, we just kept on yoga-ing.

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The Get Un-Sick Toolbox

an old illustration from Kim’s Little Monsters Etsy shop

I went to bed one night last week with a tickle in my throat.  It was uncomfortable, but it also felt like the kind of tickle that goes away.  But it didn’t — I woke up the next day feeling like crap.  Swallowing was hard, sleeping was hard, sitting up was hard, lying down was hard.  Ugh.  I still haven’t kicked it completely, but here are a few things that helped and might be good to remember in the future since we’re almost in “everyone I’ve ever met has a cold right now” season …

Harry Potter, the first movie in particular

The Harry Potter movies are perfect for sick times.  Not only are they fun to watch, but we all know how it ends so there is no harm in watching for a while, dozing off, waking up and watching some more, dozing off, etc.  Plus, there are eight movies — that’s a lot of rest time.  The first movie is my favorite, but any and/or all will do.

Tomato Soup

I’m not usually a soup fan, but this past week I’ve had soup for about half of my meals because it was the only thing that sounded good.  I made it super-easy on myself and stocked up on some boring Campbell’s Tomato Soup because, if you ask me, when you’re in the middle of feeling sick it’s just not the time to take on homemade soup-making.  I tore up fresh mozzarella into my tomato soup and it was exactly what I needed.  (Now I’m on a soup kick and I want to try these almost-chicken noodle soups:  Chicken and Dumplings, Chicken Parmesan Soup, and King Ranch Chicken Soup.)


Sipping on tea has been really great for my throat.  I have had tons of Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea, which is not my favorite when it comes to taste, but I do think it helps.  And my sister introduced me to Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend Herbal Tea, which tastes like fall makes me feel (which makes no sense, I know, but I hope you get it).


A huge part of making myself feel better when I’m sick is snacking.  I’m not usually a snacker, but I have been grazing all day every day while I’ve been sick.  It makes a difference!  I stocked up on White Cheddar Cheez-Its (also perfect to add to all the tomato soup), grapes, and Powerade (which I know is a drink, but I’m counting as a snack).  Find what helps and buy two or three boxes/bags/bottles.

Salt Water

Everyone knows that gargling warm salt water helps soothe a sore throat, but I’m just here to remind you!  It makes a huge difference for me.  I try to gargle at least twice a day, but more often when I’m feeling really bad.

Good luck this season!  I hope you need none of this advice.

A Long Weekend in Nashville

You got a little peek at my family’s trip to Nashville last week, but now it’s time for all the details.  We packed a lot of Nashville into our two-and-a-half days, squeezing in some popular recommendations and some finds that are all our own.  So let’s dive in!

Friday:  ~4 miles walking

We had an appointment on Friday morning, so we left town around 11 and were able to make it to Chattanooga from Atlanta before we got too hangry.  Urban Stack had been recommended to us, so we stopped in for some gourmet burgers.  I had the Fried Green Tomato burger and onion rings.  The onion rings were nothing special, but the burger was delicious!

Once we were all fed and happy, we finished our drive.  We got to Nashville in the late afternoon, so we stopped by our Airbnb before putting on our walking shoes and setting out for some city wandering.  We found a reasonably priced Airbnb in Germantown that was perfect for us — y’all, staying in Nashville can be expensive!  Germantown is Nashville’s oldest neighborhood and is home to all kinds of multi-use buildings, funky restaurants and coffee shops, and Oktoberfest while we were there.  It feels like a neighborhood while still being walking distance from all the hoopla of Downtown.  Since we were hoping to spend most of the weekend walking around, that was great for us.

Our plan for Friday night was to walk through Downtown Nashville, toward the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, to get our bearings.  We wanted to catch the sunset from the bridge and see the city light up — we made it right on time and it was beautiful!

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Currently – The October Edition

from The Everygirl

I love October!  It’s my favorite month of the year.  Around this time, it starts to smell like fall — I love that.  Before we know it, we’ll be solidly into the holiday season and I can’t wait.

Lately I’m …

Eating:  A few weeks ago, No Crumbs Left took over the Whole30 Recipes Instagram.  She was great and she shared so many yummy meal ideas!  Doesn’t this Leftover Pork Hash look delicious?  Plus, I love all of her platter meals.

Trying:  The Ordinary!  I decided recently to put some dedicated effort into my skin.  For the past month or so, I’ve been using their Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion, Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%, and 100% Plant-Derived Squalane.  I was worried that it would be a pain to add these into my normal routine, but it’s been no biggie.  And I’ve gotten two compliments on my skin since I started using them!

Reading:  Old Halloween books from when I was teeny tiny.  We had so many good ones, but a few of my favorites are Lulu and the Witch Baby, Little Witch’s Big Night, and The Witch on a Windy Night.

Hearing:  Late Night Tales, a set of artist-curated mixes.  My dad introduced them to me and they are great — perfect for listening during a night drive or while getting dinner together after a long day.  The most recent, from BadBadNotGood, has been on repeat around here.

Watching:  I am so So SO late to the game, but I’ve been binge-watching The West Wing at a pretty embarrassing rate.  Loving it!  As with most shows, I like the earlier seasons best, but that’s not stopping me from watching it all.

Prepping:  A full Nashville trip recap to share next week.  On Tuesday I shared a few photos and a little bit of commentary, but there’s more!

What are you loving lately?