About Me

Hi.  I’m Lucy.  20-something.  Living in Atlanta.  Right now, I’m working in digital marketing analytics by day and Classpass-ing/Whole30-ing/photographing by night.

If you want to see what I see when I see it, check out my Instagram.

You can see if we like the same stuff on my Pinterest.

And if you’d like to enjoy my quick wit and commentary, there’s always Twitter.


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thanks for your follow today! I also just checked out your “overview” and we’re in the same professional industry – though I don’t “focus” on the digital side per se, but brand strategy and integrated marketing which includes that.
    Again happy to have you as a follower and really enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work!
    PS I will share the pickle recipe attempt, if I can simply stop forgetting about them in the fridge! I buy then get distracted!


    1. Brand strategy fascinates me! I focus in digital content deployment, but I find brand and content strategy to be very interesting.

      Get those pickles made and snack on them all weekend!


      1. We should talk shop one day – I can create the digital content, but deployment not as readily! 🙂
        On the brand side, the key is finding something that can keep your biz forward thinking, but which resonates w/ your core target audience. If you miss that – all of your effort will be for naught.

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