A Sunday at the Farmers Market

Atlanta has quite a few farmers markets — once market season starts (usually around March/April) you can pretty much find one in every neighborhood.  If you’ve been around here for a while, you know my family and I love a good farmers market.  I don’t do a lot of shopping at local markets, but I do love to window shop.  There is nothing like a wildflower bouquet, artisan bread, or a giant newly harvested zucchini.

After we returned from our family beach trip, my sister and I stayed home to celebrate Father’s Day.  It was dreary day, but it stopped raining just long enough for us to go on an adventure to the Grant Park Farmers Market.  The market was smaller than it was during my first visit (I blame the rain!), but it was less crowded too.  Here’s a little peek:

Look at all that basil! This stand had the most beautiful selection of greens and root vegetables.
These were too big to be green onions and too small to be leeks, so I’m not totally sure what they are. But I bet they are yummmmmy!
Knowing that I can get myself a gorgeous $5 bouquet at Trader Joe’s, I have a hard time spending $15 on bouquets at a farmers market. That doesn’t stop me from being totally taken with them anyway.
I loooooove cherry tomatoes, especially when they come in all kinds of colors. We bought a few of these and they’ve been delicious and fun to use.
We parked on a side street, right across from this little house. Isn’t it cute!? There was a family gathering happening on the front porch, which was so nice to see. But what I really love is the lush, overflowing front garden.

Gorgeous, right?  Farmers markets are just the best for a calm, weekend morning outing.  And the people watching is great!

Beach Week

Every year my mom’s side of the family heads to the beach.  We all stay in one big house, trek to and from the beach, make giant dinners every night, and have the occasional spat about everything from politics to the thermostat.  We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’ve been staying at the same beach (often in the same house!) since I was in middle school.

It’s the perfect spot — probably one of my favorite places.  The island is tiny, with four-way stops and no traffic lights, and no high rise condos.  The speed limit is 35 MPH all over the island!  Plus it’s full of the cutest little lawn situations.

This raised beachfront garden is always so full and beautiful!
And right next to the beachfront garden you’ll find this lovely and thematic yard art.
These are just a few of the many bird houses on these trees. I’d guess there were around 50, total.

And a bonus of no big condos or hotels?  Lots and lots of beach houses to ogle.

I’ve said it before — if there’s a pink house around, I will find it. Although, if I’m being honest, this one might have been pointed out by my mom.

This house, with it’s big porch spaces and beautiful yard, is a dream.

And another thing about an island that is really just a neighborhood at the beach?  It gets dark at night.  It makes for some cool pictures.

It’s been taking me a while to get back into the groove of non-vacation life — to be honest, I’m still not completely unpacked.  I stand by the idea that I need a few days off after vacation to recover from vacation.  But there is nothing like a week at the beach (and the resulting sun burn).  Gotta love it!

Currently – The June Edition

It’s been quiet around here since my Charleston trip recap — the end of last week was spent prepping for our big family beach trip and the beginning of this week has been all about working on my “tan” and recovering from my sunburn.

Lately I’m …

Eating:  I’m prepping for another Whole30!  My sister and I are planning to begin on 6/20, just in case you want to join us.

Wearing:  I am so whiny when it comes to my feet.  Bunions and arch support issues and aches — I’ve got them all!  These little toe relaxers are silly, but they do help relieve discomfort.  I happened upon mine at T.J. Maxx, but you can pick them up all over the place.

Watching:  The Crown.  I had no interest in watching until my sister insisted and now I’m hooked.  The production quality and the performances are so good!

Hearing:  Back in April, I mentioned the By the Book podcast.  At the time, it was part of Panoply’s Pilot Project, but now it’s an official podcast all by itself!  The hosts, Jolenta and Kristen, can be a little obnoxious and the podcast’s theme song is the worst, but I love the show.  Their second full episode covers The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it was so on point and funny to me!

Reading:  This article hits the nail on the head when it comes to cooking in those unpredictable beach house kitchens — timely since I’m at the beach right now!  Also, just let this cartoon essay about the mental load and its comments section marinate for a second.

What are you loving lately?

A Long Weekend in Charleston

But the locals have a much more poetic expression for the city’s irresistibility: trouvailee. An old-Frenchism, the term means “something lovely found by chance”. And that is Charleston in a word — almost 350 years old and still defined, and redefined, by the thrill of the surprise.
— Jessica Mischner for Southern Living

Get ready for a long, photo-heavy post!  Last week I shared a few pictures, but this post has more photos and all the details from where we stayed, to what we ate, to what I’d skip next time around.

Continue reading “A Long Weekend in Charleston”

Quick Snaps from Charleston

Hi!  Hope you all had a nice long last weekend and are enjoying this short week.  We’re already so close to Friday.

I mentioned a while ago that my mom, my sister, and I were planning a girls getaway to Charleston.  So that’s what we were up to last weekend — wandering around, peeking into people’s gorgeous gardens, and taking way too many photos.

I’m working on a complete recap of the trip, which will be up on Tuesday.  For now, here are a few teasers from the trip!

yes, that’s a tree in a bathtub!
i can’t get over plant-covered walls.
ask my mom and my sister: if there was a pink house nearby, i would find it.
twisty tree canopies are the best.
again with the plant-covered walls!
this pink bike with baby blue shutters was just too good.
rainbow row
so pretty! i love this color combination.
i was sneaking peeks at people’s backyards all weekend long.
love those big happy ferns.
these extra (fake) front doors were all over the place.
the hydrangeas were bustin’ out all over!