Charleston To-Dos

Later this month, my mom, my sister, and I are heading to Charleston, SC for a girls’ weekend.  I’ve been working my way through all of the Charleston guides I can find, hopping from blog to blog to see what people have loved most (it seems like everyone and their mother – ha! – have been visiting lately).  I might be going overboard with the planning, but I’ve even put together a Google Map with places pinned so that we can get the most out of our walking routes.

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The Instagrammers’ Guide to Charleston, SC from One Kings Lane
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A few must-haves for the trip so far:

  • Many people have mentioned the lavender iced latte at Black Tap Coffee as a must-try.
  • I love the suggestion of a picnic beneath the Angel Oak.
  • Taking a walk through the South of Broad neighborhood, just to stare at the gorgeous houses, sounds like such a good idea.
  • We definitely want to try Leon’s Oyster Shop — not for the oysters, but for the rosé on draft!

Any other things we’ve got to see?  Let me know!

View from My Mat

I was a bad yogi the other night.

You see, each week my sister and I attend a hot yoga class.  We aim for a mid-week class, something to look forward to on Monday and Tuesday, something to de-stress us for the rest of the week.  When we first started attending, there were only four or five of us each week.  Now the class is much more popular.

Last week, there was this guy.  It was clear that he practices regularly; he could do all kinds of fancy things.  But he was also a really, obnoxiously loud and out-of-order breather (we’re supposed to be flowing with our breath here).  And his movements were all over the place (think toppling over about 75% of the time).  Ugh, look at me being a bad yogi still!

It really took away from the class for me.  I had such a hard time moving past the distraction.  I wished he hadn’t come to class.  I wished the teacher would say something about control.  I wasn’t nice.

I feel bad for feeling such animosity toward this random person in a yoga class.  That is so not the point of yoga!  But I’m still thinking about it, so maybe something did come of it.  I’m trying to keep the whole thing in mind, framed as a lesson in patience and acceptance.

Instead of being grumpy, I should be proud of him (and of myself) for pushing through class.  I should be thankful that I got to see him do lots of headstands.  I should look to those little classroom annoyances as opportunities to expand my own practice.

Next time, I’ll be a better yogi.

Artsy Weekend

We’ve been pretty ~!* artsy *!~ around here lately.

A couple weeks ago, on Friday night, my family went to another concert together.  We saw Lambchop at Terminal West.  It was a pretty mellow show — very intimate, which I enjoyed.

On Sunday, my sister and I took advantage of the free Second Sunday deal at the High Museum of Atlanta to see the Cross Country:  The Power of Place in American Art, 1915–1950 exhibit.  The exhibit will be leaving the museum soon (May 7th is its last day), but it’s definitely worth visiting.  The whole thing was pretty cool to see — Dorothea Lange’s iconic Migrant Mother is included!

We also stopped to take in Daniel Arsham’s Hourglass exhibit.  Even with the description of the exhibit plastered on the wall, it’s still over my head.  But it’s nifty-looking.  If you’re looking to be wowed and confused, check it out by May 21.

The day was gorgeous, so my sister and I decided to take in some neighborhood architecture.  It’s crazy to me that these houses sit right off of one of the busiest roads around town.

Oh I’d love to get my hands on this little cottage …

Since this little adventure, it’s been go-go-go around here.  I’ve been busy celebrating family birthdays, learning more and more at work (did I mention that I started a new job in January?), trying to read more, getting in the habit of meal planning on prepping on Sundays, etc.  So I apologize for the period of blog silence!

Tip Tuesday – Freezer Inventory

from Domino

My freezer is always full.  I suppose that’s an unavoidable side effect of cooking for one person using recipes that make enough food for eight people and shopping for the best deal (which usually tends to be more food than I need right away).  I love leftovers, but not when it takes a whole week to use them up.  So into the freezer things go!

When you’re constantly stocking your freezer, it’s not hard to forget what’s in there.  To make my life easier and to make sure nothing goes to waste, I swear by keeping a freezer inventory.  That sounds fancy, but it’s really just a rolling list of items.

I categorize mine like this:

  • Ready-to-eat (This is stuff like leftovers, emergency Stouffer’s dinners, etc.)
  • Breads (Because why is it that the tastiest loaves are also the giant ones that I can’t finish before they start to mold?)
  • Fruits and Veggies (I recently started keeping mixed frozen fruits around for snacking and smoothies.  I also keep frozen hash browns stocked, along with corn, edamame, etc.)
  • Meats (I repackage meat into single-serving portions before freezing — a little something I learned from my mom.  It makes it so easy to meal prep and keeps those giant packages of chicken tenderloins from going bad before I get to them all.)

With a list like this, I always know what I’ve got to work with when I’m making my grocery plans or when I’m too tired to make dinner.

Currently – The April Edition

“Sassy Gal Buys Flowers for Herself” from Maya Bee Illustrations

Happy April!  I know I say it every month, but I can’t believe the year is passing so quickly.  It feels like 2017 has been go-go-go, so lately I’m trying to take a few more breaks and schedule a little bit more time for myself.  So far that’s taking the form of everything from hot yoga to retail therapy.

Lately I’m …

Wearing:  I lucked into these metallic block heel sandals on super-clearance at DSW.  I have absolutely no need for new shoes, but they were way too fun to leave behind!

Using:  This in-shower natural glow moisturizer.  I’ve got to get my ghost-white legs ready for spring/summer.  So far there have been no orange patches, but there’s been some nice natural-looking color.

Eating:  SimplyNature’s Organic Tahini Goddess Dressing from Aldi.  The other day I made a lunch bowl with Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains Blend, roasted Brussels sprouts, and pan-fried chicken, topped with the dressing.  It was so delicious!

Hearing:  My mom hipped me to By the Book, a podcast that’s part of Panoply’s Pilot Project.  Basically, two friends read self-help books and then put the advice into action to see what actually works.  It’s right up my alley.

Sipping:  This vanilla almond milk creamer in my coffee.  I really wanted to be like, “pshhhh it’s no different from others I’ve tried”, but it is.  It smells like ice cream and adds just enough oomph to my coffee.  Shout out to my sister for discovering it and convincing me to spend the extra dollar at the grocery store!

What have you been digging lately?