Currently – The August Edition

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It’s back to regular programming around here for now.  August, with its everlasting association with the beginning of the school year, is a great time for me to reset and refocus.  After a pretty exciting and eventful summer, that’s what I need.

Lately I’m …

Eating:  Though not as often as they were during my recent Whole30, eggs are on my plate a lot lately.  This Bon Appetit explanation of egg labels, what they mean, and how to buy the best ones is helpful and interesting.

Sipping:  Occasionally I’ll indulge in a class of rosé and I don’t usually branch out from that.  But while in Mexico I had a Screwdriver.   So simple — just vodka and orange juice — but such a nice little cocktail!  I like the basic version, but these variations sound nice too.

Reading:  I’m still working my way through Sisters in Law — great information, but I am really not a fan of Linda Hirshman’s writing style.  We’ve got our book club meeting next week, so we’ll see if that’s just me.  But there have also been a few good self-help articles floating around lately:  Overhauling Your Morning Routine from The Everygirl, Mental Cool-Downs from Wit & Delight, and How Work Stress is Affecting Your Health from Career Contessa.

Pinning:  I’ve got some serious wanderlust going on right now.  A good trip can do that, I suppose.  So I’ve been all about travel photos on Pinterest.  (I’ve got a trip to Nashville coming up soon and I am looking for recommendations, so send yours my way!)

What are you loving lately?


A Week in Mexico

Last week I gave you a quick look at my recent trip to Cancún.  Now that I’ve settled back into my routine, I’m here with a few more details!

The trip from Atlanta to Cancún is quick and easy — we had a noon flight out and got to our hotel around three o’clock!  From there, we dove into planning our week and chowing down on some room service.  (Just in case you’re wondering, I started a week at the beach with a giant cheeseburger.  #YOLO, if that’s still a thing.)
We scheduled a few outings during the first half of the trip, leaving the second half for total relaxation.  Isla Mujeres was first on the list.  We took a boat ride there, stopped for lunch, went snorkeling (my first time!), walked around the beachfront, had some tasty nachos as a snack, and then took a boat ride back.  It was a beautiful!  But …

The Verdict:  It took an entire day, most of which was spent on a boat.  The tour was also very crowded, filled with families and lots of young children.  If you want to go to Isla Mujeres, I would skip the organized tour and activities to just do it yourself.  But I wasn’t in love with the outing, other than the views.

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Quick Snaps from Mexico

I’m back from Mexico!  My boyfriend and I took a week and headed off to Cancún.  We stayed right on the beach, went on a handful of adventures, and hung out with each other non-stop.  All the details (and photos that aren’t from my phone) are coming in a post next week, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at our trip.

Before this trip, I had never seen water so clear and so blue — I just kept staring at it.

I woke up every morning to that view.  Gotta love a waterfront room!

I love infinity pools.  If you’re going to have a giant glorified bowl of water sitting around, you might as well make it fit in with its surroundings.  We sat next to this one for a sunset dinner and it was so pretty. 

It was so hot on the beach.  Umbrellas were a must so I could stay outside and stare at that water some more.

It was only an hour’s time difference between home and Cancún, but even that had me waking up before almost anyone else at the resort got out and about.  The soft, pastel sunrises were so peaceful.

More infinity pool love here.  We happened upon this nice, shallow, shaded spot and hung out for a while after roasting in the sun.

I spent most of the week in some kind of swimwear, but we made sure to schedule some fancy time on Thursday and Friday.  We “dressed for dinner”, which was a fun change of pace.

Blue on blue on blue!

It feels so, so good to be home and settling back into my routine, but it was such a fun trip.  Can’t wait to share more!


Way back in February, I promised a round-up of the podcasts I’ve been enjoying.  Now I’m ready to deliver on that promise.  (Plus, my dad asked me the other day which ones I’ve been listening to!)  Here are a few podcasts that are on regular rotation around here:


Adulthood Made Easy:  The show is retired now, but there are plenty of episodes for you to binge listen.  (I haven’t even made it through them all!)  The host, Sam Zabell, is easy to like and relate to, and she has some interesting conversations with some really good guests.  A few of my favorites are “Get a Clean Apartment with Minimal Effort”, “Bad Bosses”, “Embracing Failure”, “Gilmore Girls Revival”.



Happier with Gretchen Rubin:  I go through periods when I am all “Happier” all the time, and periods when I need a break from Gretch and Liz, but this podcast has become a kind of “comfort listen”.  I love that the episodes have a set structure, so I always know what to expect, and there are some great tips!




The Lady Gang:  I’m relatively new to “The Lady Gang”, but it’s great when you’re in the mood for some no-nonsense girl talk.






By the Book:  I’ve mentioned “By the Book” a few times before, but it’s got to be on this list!  I love the concept and, as a self-help reader, it’s nice to sit back and hear other people navigate a sea of recommendations.  My favorite show so far is “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.




Strong Opinions Loosely Held:  This podcast is all about analyzing pop culture, often through a feminist lens — this is my wheelhouse.  Without ever being too aggressive or off-putting, Elisa Kreisinger hosts conversations about the “Celebrity (Activist) Industrial Complex”, the commoditization of feminism (in “Please Exit Through the Feminist Gift Shop”), and “The Kardashian Industrial Komplex”.




Gilmore Guys:  Another “comfort listen”.  You know that I am really into the Gilmore Girls universe, so I like to listen to other people talk about it.





Stop Podcasting Yourself:  If you’re in the mood for an hour of goofiness, Graham Clark and Dave Shumka have you covered.  You never know quite what you’re going to get, other than laughs, and that’s okay with me.




Let me know what you’re listening to that I need to add to my rotation.

Lately in Pictures

Happy August!  I’ve been really feeling the Christmas in July vibes around here, so it’s kind of exciting for me to be sliding into the last half of the year.  Before we know it, starting with Halloween, we’ll be in the holiday season.  I’m getting ahead of myself, but still.

July was really busy and exciting.  Before it all gets lost in the upcoming months, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to …

Mom always goes above and beyond to accommodate our Whole30s if we’re home in the middle of one.  She found this recipe for Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Fresh Cherry Salsa, which we Whole30-ers tweaked.  I didn’t think I was a fan of cherries, but this recipe changed my mind.

My sister, a friend, and I finally made our way to Atlanta’s first cat and coffee place, Java Cats Café.  It was a lot of fun and all the little fur babies were so cute.  But not as cute as mine …

Just look at them!

Citrus isn’t usually my thing, but I’ve been on a big grapefruit kick lately.  Also, my sister and I stopped by a new salad/grain bowl restaurant for dinner a while back.  It pained me to pay ~$15 for a salad, but it was delicious and I’m using the menu as a reference to up my at-home salad game.  (That’s the Fiesta Bowl!)

Also, let me just mention (again) that my kitties are the cutest.

And most recently, we celebrated my sister’s birthday!  She and I started the day with birthday coffee and doughnuts, paused midday for some pho, and wrapped up the night with fancy pizza, cake, and Barry Manilow with our parents.

What’s been up with you?