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We’re a little over halfway through the first month of 2018.  More importantly, we’re a little over halfway through my Whole30!  I’ve spent most of this month trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays — getting my laundry schedule back on track, making regular full-blown grocery shopping trips, etc.  I’m sure we’re all in that boat.

Lately I’m …

Sipping:  Over the holidays I tried two new beers, both funky and delicious!  The first was a Kombucha beer from Unity Vibration.  I picked up the Raspberry flavor on a whim during a trip to Whole Foods and I really enjoyed it, but beware that it is truly very Kombucha-y.  The second was Chai High from Avery Brewing, which I had at an Indian restaurant alongside a vegetarian kofta.  It was delicious, just a little spicy and warm.

Eating:  All kinds of Whole30 things.  When I wrap up the challenge, I will share all my favorites from the month.

Watching:  My boyfriend and I are working our way back through the TV show Psych.  We started watching the show a few years ago when it was on Netflix and fell in love with it’s goofy nerdiness — we were so sad when it was removed!  After watching Psych:  The Movie in December, we went looking for a way to watch the show again.  Good news for all you Amazon Prime members:  all of the seasons live there now!

Wearing:  I recently ordered this nightgown from Target.  (Shout out to my sister!  I copied her again with this purchase.)  It is so cozy and so soft — I’m trying to transition from frumpy, old, over-sized t-shirts to cuter pajamas without sacrificing comfort, and this gown is doing the trick.

Trying:  Morning workouts!  This month has been all about that 5 AM wake-up call.  I’m working on a list of tips and tricks that are helping to make it possible for me, which I’ll be sharing soon.

What are you loving lately?


Since Christmas + The Start of 2018

Y’all, I’m tired.  It could be all kinds of things:  maybe my Whole30, maybe my recent switch to mostly morning workouts, maybe I’m still readjusting to it no longer being Christmastime.  Whatever it is, I’m tired, so things have been pretty quiet around here lately.  But there has been a bit of fun since Christmas!

While I was home for the holidays, I got in lots of kitty snuggles.  At one point, baby girl set up shop on my lap for more than an hour!

My friend Rebecca and her husband-to-be came to town to ring in the New Year!  We did a few tourist-y Atlanta things, like the SkyView Atlanta ferris wheel.  We also stopped at the top of Ponce City Market in 9 Mile Station for charcuterie and drinks (a little expensive, but very fun).  It was too chilly to sit outside, but we got to take in the city as the sun went down and the lights came on — it was very pretty!

My boyfriend and I decided to gift each other a date this year for Christmas, instead of things.  After the New Year, we threw it back to a few Christmases ago when he took me to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the Night Lights.  I just love going — it’s fun and festive every time!  It was very cold when we went this year, so the crowds weren’t bad and it really felt like holiday outing.

The rest my time has been all about meal planning, catching up at work, and going to bed early enough to make it to 6 AM workout classes!  Oh, and daydreaming about naps.

I’m doing another Whole30!

so this is what a #whole30 fridge looks like …

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Like a whole bunch of other people on the internet, my family and I are doing a Whole30 this month.  I’m three days in now  (I started on January 2nd instead of January 1st like most people) and going strong!

I’m not Whole30-ing to recover from a holiday binge.  To be honest, I don’t feel like I did too much mindless overeating and over-drinking during the holidays.  I do, however, feel like I propped up my diet on easy, quick, and mindless meals.  Actually, I feel like I’ve been doing that for months — just trying to get myself fed, not really thinking about my food.  So the start of this year just felt like the right time to take on another Whole30, to listen to my body, and to commit to making better food choices throughout the year.

This will be my third full Whole30 rodeo.  My first was successful, my second was not.  And there was a little Whole15 somewhere in between those two.  I’m ready and I know what to do, but I’m also still trying to get myself organized.

This time around, I want to focus on trying recipes instead of eating the same thing over and over again because I’m in a rut with what’s compliant.  So far I’ve tried The Real Food Dietitians recipe for Slow Cooker Shredded Buffalo Chicken — it is yummy, super-easy, and really versatile!  And my sister and I had the Greek-Style Meatball Salad from the new Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook last night before yoga.  (The flavors of the dressing weren’t really my thing, but somehow it had never occurred to me to make Whole30 meatballs!  I had the leftover meatballs with scrambled eggs this morning and it was a good move.)

To keep me inspired, and you too if you’re Whole30-ing with me, here’s a little bit of food porn and meal ideas …

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Happy New Year!

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Happy 2018 everyone!

As always, I feel like I could use a vacation to recover from my vacation.  Things have been non-stop around here.  I did all kinds of Christmas celebrating, a little birthday celebrating, and I had friends in town to celebrate the new year.  It’s been fun to hang out, catch up, and eat all kinds of celebratory foods — pastry-wrapped baked brie, anyone? — but now I’m ready to refocus and reset.

Instead of overdoing it this year with 52 things to accomplish, I’m downsizing my list and keeping it limited to 18 things.  My overarching goal this year is to have/pursue/cultivate fewer, better things and it only seemed fitting for my list of goals to follow that approach.

I’ve included my list below and will be sharing updates as I go.  I’ll keep my 18 Things in 2018 page up to date and linked to any relevant posts.  Let me know if you’re doing anything similar this year — I’d love to follow along!

Harder, better, faster, stronger …

Run before lunch on WFH days.
Train for a 5K.
Train for a 10K.
Perform five pull-ups.
Floss daily.
Successfully complete a Whole30.

Trying to act like I’m cultured …

Try five new restaurants.
Cook one new recipe each month.
Read two books each month.
Learn more about manual camera controls.
Finish watching all of the movies in dad’s “must see” box.

Business-y things …

Review and update digital security.
Update professional portfolio, head shot, etc.
Reorganize and update personal filing system.

To help keep the apartment in check …

Perform an apartment deep clean each month.
Perform a full closet clean-up/out.
Perform a full office clean-up/out.
Perform a full toiletry clean-up/out.

Let’s do this!

2017 Wrap-Up

I hope you all had the merriest Christmas!  Now we’re just around the corner from 2018.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this year went by faster than any other year.  I also know I’m not the only one who feels like it was jam-packed, personally and politically and culturally and all the other ways.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tired and a little ready for the reset that a new year provides, even if it’s just through an arbitrary turning of the calendar pages.  It was a year, but 2017 was good to me.

I kicked it off with a new job and a new work-from-home set-up, which has been the best in terms of my ability to balance self-care and work.  I took lots of trips this year:  several to the mountains with my parents and sister, a few to the beach, one to Charleston with my mom and sister, one to Mexico with my boyfriend, and one to Nashville with my parents and sisterOne of my best friends came to visit and we found her wedding dress!  My sister, our friend Anna, and I started a book club.  My mom, sister, and I did goat yoga.  And I went to a few great concerts:  The Magnetic Fields, Lambchop, and LCD Soundsystem.

I also tried to post a bit more regularly around here, which was new for me.  So just in case you’re new around here and or have missed some of my many posts, the stats have spoken and these are my top posts for 2017:

First up, you can find my go-to brunch recipe in “The Joy of Cooking French Toast” (which is actually a 2016 post with some serious staying power!).  Then you can read all about my most serious pop culture feelings in my “Can we talk about Gilmore Girls?” post.  Next, plan a little trip with my itinerary from “A Long Weekend in Charleston”.  Make yourself some “Birthday Doughnuts”.  And finally, you can balance out those doughnuts with some self-care workouts from “2 Weeks of ClassPass ATL”.

That’s it for L is for Lucy in 2017.  I’ll be back next week with new goals to share.  In the meantime, happy new year!