Tip Tuesday – Everyday To-Do’s

from Pinterest

Oops!  Another unintentional blog break.

Life has felt full lately and I’ve been tired.  As a result, some nonessential things (like blog posts) have been dropped from my to-do list.  Some days all of the energy I can muster goes into work responsibilities and feeding myself — that sounds sadder than it is, I promise.  But it means that I don’t always end the day feeling like I did anything to actually make myself feel good.

Somehow, right when I needed to find it, I happened upon this post from Yes and Yes.  It’s all about the power of an “Every Damn Day List”, which is a short list of tiny things that you will do each day to help make life better and to ensure that you end each day with a to-do list that is completely crossed off.  In the midst of feeling like I am making zero daily personal progress, this kind of list is the best.

Here’s what I’m pledging to do every day:

  1. Wash my face.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Do a five-minute pick-up of my space.
  4. Drink three glasses of water.
  5. Stretch.

I’m into this and I think everyone should have an “Every Damn Day List” — we’d probably all feel a little bit more accomplished (and happier)!


Father’s Day Adventure

On Father’s Day, my parents, sister, and I went on a little Atlanta adventure.  It was nice to spend some time, just the four of us, celebrating my dad (who also happens to be the best dad), sipping coffee, and taking lots of photos.  Here’s a little peek!

We started off at Cafe+Velo.  We got there nice and early, lucked into a parking spot right out front (free on Sundays!), and were the only customers there when we arrived.  I had an iced Dirty Chai, which was delicious.  The inside of the shop is small, and the decor is clean and minimal.  My favorite part was the large outdoor space — there is a nice, big patio and a rooftop deck.  It would be a super place to hang out in the fall.

After we were sufficiently caffeinated, we headed over to the Grant Park Farmers Market.  There were lots of precious dogs, flowers, and beautiful vegetables.  We stopped by the Revolution Doughnuts tent for breakfast treats.  I had their bacon caramel doughnut, which was a solid choice.

After wandering the market, we took a little drive through the Grant Park neighborhood.  I love those old houses!  And lucky for us, it was a big mural painting day.  It was fun to see all the artists, sitting on scaffolds, some solo and some with teams, adding new art to the walls.

After all that, we had more Father’s Day fun at home, complete with a little dinner party and puppy cuddles.  I obviously was not the father in the situation, but I quite enjoyed myself!

Currently – The June Edition

What’s up, everybody!?  We’re so close to official summertime — my summer freckles are already back in full force.  Things are starting to feel a little slower around here, which is a nice change.  I’ve been taking lots of walks, sitting on my porch, and drinking tons and tons of water to stay cool.

Lately I’m …

Reading:  My sister sent me this post from Ali (of Inspiralized!) about her version of self-care.  Her approach is so in line with mine.  My self-care looks a lot like adding items to my grocery list before I run out instead of after, washing my fruit at the beginning of the week, and doing the dishes before bed each night.  Baths are nice, but clean kitchens are better.

Practicing:  Still working on my intention-setting.  Right now I’m trying to do yoga (at home or in a class) three times a week and to get out of the house everyday (which is harder than it sounds when you usually work from home).  For inspiration, I love Lee from America’s monthly intentions hashtag!

Using:  I’ve been trying out this bar soap bag for a week or two (with this soap).  My mom found the idea on Reading My Tea Leaves and I am on board — less waste, please!  Moving from foamy scrubby to exfoliating bar soap has been a bit of an adjustment, but I think I like it.

Watching:  My sister recommended Hart of Dixie to me and I’ve finally started watching.  It is so good for some light drama.

What are you loving lately?

Personal Mid-Year Review

from Fantastic Frank

Last year, I reviewed my new year goals in July as a kind of personal mid-year review.  I think it’s a good idea to set goals and I think it’s an even better idea to occasionally check in to see if those goals are still in line with what you want.  So I’m doing it again!

This year, I had a few physical goals …

  • Run before lunch on WFH days.  At the beginning of the year, I was on a kick and found this goal to be a great way to get my runs in — the longer I wait to head out for a run, the more likely it is that I won’t head out at all.  I dropped the ball when the pollen kicked in and things got busy, but I’m hoping to refocus and get back to my pre-noon runs.
  • Train for a 5K.  I’ve been working my way through a 5K training schedule when I run, so we’re getting there.
  • Train for a 10K.  After I cross my 5K training off the list, I’ll get to this.
  • Perform a real pull-up.  Ugh!  I’m definitely getting stronger and doing the baby, pre-pull-up steps better, but I’m nowhere close to a real, unassisted one.  Let’s call this a “stretch goal”.
  • Floss daily.  I don’t know why this is such a hard thing for me to do.  I’ve had a few week-long streaks of daily flossing, but nothing consistent so far.
  • Successfully complete a Whole30.  I kicked off the year with a solid Whole30.  I completed it and felt pretty good the whole time.  I keep toying with doing another this year, but it’s a lot of work, so I might just stick with one.

There were also some things I wanted to do to explore new things …

  • Try five new restaurants.  I knocked this one out pretty quickly.  In addition to trying new restaurants, I’ve been aiming to try new menu items at places I’ve already dined.
  • Cook one new recipe each month.  So far, so good!  I’m a lazy cook sometimes and I tend to be really repetitive because I don’t get too bored too quickly — this goal keeps things fresh.
  • Read 24 books this year.  I’m only six books in so far!  I need to catch up!  I haven’t loved anything I’ve read this year, other than The Handmaid’s Tale, which makes it really hard to keep devouring books.  Send me recommendations to save this goal!
  • Learn more about manual camera controls.  Still have to get started on this.
  • Finish watching all of the movies in dad’s “must see” box.  I’m about halfway through the literal box of movies that I need to see.  I’m excited to keep checking them off my list!

And some stuff to accomplish organizationally …

  • Review and update digital security.  This is in progress, but it’s slow-moving.  Before the summer ends, I’m going to finish!
  • Update professional portfolio, head shot, etc.  I know that we should all be keeping our resumes, LinkedIns, portfolios, etc. up-to-date, but it’s so easy to just not.  I spent a weekend getting everything updated and I feel much better for it.
  • Reorganize and update personal filing system.  I want to make sure I’ve got what I need to save where I need to save it.  I have a pretty good system that just needs a tune-up.

And, of course, there’s always housework …

  • Perform an apartment deep clean each month.  So far, so good.  I wish I could get more on top of this, instead of waiting until the last minute or until I just can’t stand it anymore!  But a clean apartment is good any time of the month, beginning or end.
  • Perform a full closet clean-up/out.  Bit by bit, I’m making progress.  I really should dedicate a weekend to the project and KonMari it, but I haven’t yet.
  • Perform a full office clean-up/out.  Also in progress!  I’ve got a little bit of a re-do in mind, complete with more storage options because, even after a clean-up, I will have too much stuff.
  • Perform a full toiletry clean-up/out.  Done!  This was the easy clean-up — old, expired stuff got thrown out and everything was reorganized in one afternoon.

Looks like I’m not doing so hot, though I do have lots of things in progress.  Here’s to powering through to the finish line!  I’ve been keeping track of my specific progress on my resolutions page, so follow along there if you’re interested.  Second half of 2018, here we come.

Summer To-Do List

from @zachmilne

Everybody on the internet is making a summer bucket list, which makes me kind of roll my eyes, but it’s not a totally terrible idea.  You see, it’s so easy for me to let summer just rush past, without really appreciating the season.  It’s not really my favorite time of year; I prefer the cooler months and the winter holiday season.  My summers are often spent just waiting for fall.  But not this year — I’m jumping on board and I, too, am making a summer to-do list!

During the next few months, I want to …

Take a trip to the beach.  This one is actually already planned and I am so ready.  I’m looking forward to a week away.

Have dessert outside.  S’mores anyone!?  I’ve got access to a fire pit and everything, so I have no excuse.  But I’d also be totally pleased with ice cream on my balcony.

Host a brunch or dinner party.  Any opportunity to sip on rosé with a few buddies sounds good to me.

Read a bunch.  I’m aiming for at least two books each month!  My 2018 goal of reading 24 books is in a bit of jeopardy with my current progress, so I’ll be fixing that this summer.

Buy a treat at the local farmer’s market.  I don’t usually splurge on more than a coffee, but it would be so fun to buy fresh veggies or bread.

Hike something.  I’m not picky, but I’d love to get into the mountains at some point.

Spend an afternoon at the pool.  It would be nice to set aside time to relax by the pool in the middle of regular life, instead of just doing that when I’m on vacation.

Have any fun summer to-do list items?