Guess what.  I’m moving.  It’s time for a change, so I’m packing up and relocating.

My first apartment has been good to me (for the most part).  It’s cozy.  Just right for where I was when I moved in.  Not to mention, it’s super-conveniently located in the middle of everything.  But I’m in need of a new space.  The stress of apartment hunting is getting to me, but I’m excited for a new neighborhood, new routines, and most of all, the chance to do some new decorating.

I don’t have a ton of natural light in my current apartment, so I’m hoping my next place will be nice and light-filled.  If that’s the case, there will be plants everywhere!

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I love anything in the Merlot color family.  Especially in a rented space, probably with white walls, it would be nice to have a warm color palette for art, pillows, etc.

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Multi-use space is not avoidable in small apartment, but it can be hard to do well.  I’ve got to work on my apartment flow.

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This is going to be fun (once I finalize the move, pack stuff up, and then unpack it all again)!


10 thoughts on “Mooooove”

  1. Good Luck! Be sure not to let the boxes stay packed for months – something that plagues even the best of us after a move.
    You’ll find just the right space – either with all of things on you’re “must have” or a compromise – that lists really what the “must-haves” are.
    Curious – while you didn’t specify – are you moving within the same regional area or completely starting anew?


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